“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”
Joshua J. Marine

Life is the most wonderful gift that we ever received.  We consider it the most valuable possession that we have; a blessing, that we need to be thankful of. 

But let it be known that life does not deal with today alone.  There is the future that we need to consider.  What lies ahead of us would depend mostly on what we do today.  The actions we take, the choices we made, the friends we have, the surroundings we live in contribute in one way or another to our future.  That is why it is very important that we take a deeper look into things before we make decisions.  We cannot turn back the time to correct any mistake that we might have done because of our negligence.

Although there maybe things that are beyond our control, as long as we have supportive family and loyal friends around us, we can overcome any obstacles along our way. 

Life has its own route to follow.  Life can be bright or blue, it may have ups and downs and it may bring successes or failures.  But at the end of the day, the most important thing is how we were able to handle the situation.  Things may not happen as we planned it to be.  Nevertheless, we can always say to ourselves, “I’ve done my best and I am willing to make another try.”

Life can be complicated.  But without these complications, life is dull.  What makes us even happier? Agree with me or not, it is when we get through the obstacles, the difficulties, the challenges.  That is when we can say, “I succeeded, I won, I feel proud and life indeed is beautiful.”

Much to say, life hasn’t been easy for me. I went through a lot of trials, hurdles and impediments before I was able to reach some achievements that I have at present.  I am not yet on top of my career, not even halfway  I guess and I can’t say that I am already enjoying the type of life that I want to have, yet I know that I already made a great achievement.  Looking back to where I was before made me realized how far I had gone in terms of career.  And I am thankful to God and to all the people who were with me during the times of despair and complexities.

To the people who made things worst and more complicated for me, I thank you.  You made me realized I can do even better. To the people who doubted my abilities and gave negative thoughts on what will be the outcome of my actions, I thank you. You helped me become stronger in facing the challenges.  Most of all, to the people who were with me in time of despair and frustrations, to the people who loved me despite of my flaws and craziness, well I guess I can say nothing more but… thank you and I love you. 

Life Must Be Good

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