Some of us work for eight hours or more in a day with a minimal salary. Salaries may depend on our employer’s capacity to pay, work status, position in the company and the length of working time we have.  Some may receive a higher pay over the other.

While there are some who are contented of the income they could get from their jobs, others are still looking for other opportunities that can somehow help them with their day-to-day expenses.

What would be our course of action if our income is insufficient to purchase even our basic needs?  We can choose between two options. First, we can to borrow funds from available sources and second, we can cut on our expenses. 

While having to minimize our expenses can help in some way, wouldn’t it be favorable if we could find another source of income so that we could also give ourselves some rewards after a long hard day’s work? After all, we are working in order to enjoy our lives, so why we have to limit our potentials?

Among the ways is looking for online earning opportunities.  Although there are also opportunities offline, like part time teaching, direct selling, etc. I personally chose to explore online opportunities.  The reason for this is that I could be able to do it at home and I can do it during my free time. 

Along with the continuous growth and development of internet technology, comes the opportunities that as of present, only a few percentage of the population can enjoy.  Lucky are those who have internet connections at home that they have the basic requirement for finding online opportunities.

However, not all with internet connections are able to explore online earning opportunities.  It would still based on the interest. And having interest is not enough either. We need other qualities such as, hard work, perseverance, strong will and determination.

At the end, only those who possess these qualities will remain and will win the battle.

Written by Sharon Lopez