Writing has been one of the most popular ways of earning some decent amount online. Some are doing this for part time while others are writing on a full time. You can either put up your own blog, work for a client through freelancing sites such as Freelancer and Odesk or you can submit articles with any of the following writing sites. Earnings may very depending on your activities as well as the rates of payments the site are giving its members. 

1. Bubblews

Bubblews is a site where you can submit a post with least 400 characters with topic on just about anything. This site is considered a social networking site which is almost similar to facebook and twitter. We can earn a very generous amount of 1 cent for every view, like and comment we get from our posts. This amount is the highest payment I personally received from a writing site with my several years of writing online.

The site is not strict in so far a English grammar is concern. As long as you can express our thought, your post will be accepted automatically. No screening will be done prior to the publishing of the post. However, they are very particular on other areas, such as plagiarism and copyrights.

It is very important that we read the Terms of Service and FAQs before submitting our posts. You can double check the post using small seo tools plagiarism checker or any other application available online to make sure that the article is original and not copied from elsewhere. Similarly, stating the source of the picture we use is also very important or might as well use your own photo to avoid any problem.

The site strictly implements its rules which might lead to termination or non-payment of a member.

The site has made a change on the layout during the first week of July which has affected several members, including me, in terms of payment. That is the first time that I had a problem with payment since I became active last February 2014. I received my payment after that period so I believe that they just got some problems on their records during the stated period.

I can say that the site is legit. We just learn to follow the rules and everything will be okay. For those who cannot comply, might as well stay away from this site.

2. Hubpages

Hubpages is a site where a member is allowed to create individual web pages they call hubs which allows them to earn directly from Adsense and other ad pages. The site is well moderated wherein an article needs to pass several reviews before it could be published.

This is a revenue generating site which follows a 60-40 sharing, the 60% for the member and 40% for the site.

I am new on the site and I am not very active because I need to submit a copy of my Tax form through mail which until now I have yet to do.

3. Wikinut

Wikinut is another writing site online where a member can write about various topics.  One thing I like about the site is that it allows its members to attach a photo on the article being submitted to the site.  

Since I am fond of designing, I find the idea of attaching related photo quite interesting.Once your article was submitted, it will be reviewed by a moderator before it could finally be published.  Thus, the moderator will return your work with corresponding suggestion that you may be able to revise it before resubmitting the same if ever it does not qualify on the first submission.

Due to my busy schedule, I could not submit articles with the site but when I checked on my statistics, it is showing that my articles are continuously receiving views and I even got 14 referrals to date.

I wish I could find time to write for the site again.

4. Experts Column

The site is a lot different nowadays from it was before. I used to write actively on the site before its crashed on February of 2013. It made a comeback on the last quarter of the year. Everything has change making it more difficult to post new articles.

5. Post Any Article

Its another writing site on the rise. Post Any Article pays its members on per 1000 views which depends on the monthly earnings of the site. They follow a 75-25 revenue sharing which the member gets the 75% while the site retains the 25%.

I am also new in this site and have not written a lot of articles.  But I can see that this is a good site worth keeping.
Be it known that each site has its own set of rules that we need to follow.  Be sure to read the Terms of Services and Frequently Asked Questions before jumping into writing.  Being familiar with the rules of the site we are working with is one of the basic things to do.

There are lots of good writing site around that is worth trying. However, due to my limited time, I just don’t have enough time to try them all. It would be appreciated if you could also share some of your experience with other sites for others to know


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