Schools in our country usually have their semestral break during the last week of October until the first few days on November in covering the period for the celebration of the All Saint’s Day and All Souls Day.

She has been asking me when we could go out together but I told her that we still have so many activities in the office since we are preparing for some upcoming trainings and I need to prepare several reports of the previous activities that we had.  This is the time that I could not file for a leave because there are so many things that I need to take care of.

November 1 and 2 which usually being declared as Holiday fall on Saturday and Sunday this year so I just cannot find a day for us to be together.

Good thing that the President decided to declare October 31 as a half-day holiday to give time for those who will be going home in their provinces enough time for the travel. My daughter, who was watching television on that Thursday night, ran to me to tell me about it.

My daughter and I went out to the nearest mall to go on shopping, an activity that she loves the most. We also went to have some snack at the food garden wherein a Halloween party is being conducted.  We enjoyed watching the little kids on their scariest Halloween costumes and we stayed there for some photo shoots. 

It was such an enjoyable moment for both of us.

As working mother, I couldn’t give much time for my children so times like this are very precious to me so I really see to it that I spent it with my family.

Today, we are scheduled to go to the cemetery and meeting some relatives.

I hope everyone is having a great time. Let’s make the most of this short break.

Here are some of her pictures while posing with the zombies!

Meet my daughter's new friends

Have a Happy Halloween everyone!

Written by Sharon Lopez


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