Since my childhood days, I don’t remember celebrating Halloween although I can see it on some foreign movies being celebrated with the trick or treat activities and wearing scary costumes.

What my family would usually do was visiting the cemetery on the first or second day of November. My grandmother would then prepare sweetened glutinous rice, hot chocolate, and other native rice pastries which we consumed during this especial day.  I can also see her praying the novena on the eve of the eve of All Saints Day.

Even during my elementary days, I don’t remember a time that we celebrated this event.

As the passing of time, I observed that people in our place started to adopt this tradition and I was able to see several establishments decorating their places with Halloween inspired items.  I also came to know that several schools have already included Halloween events and parties as part of the celebration.  Although until this time, Catholic schools haven’t adopted this activity.  My daughter is studying in a Catholic School and she never experienced the so-called Halloween Party.

My daughter wants me to buy her some costumes because she also wants to experience a Halloween mood.  She said she wants to have just like the one wore by Hermione in the Harry Potter movies. 

Well, I guess it wouldn’t be that bad if we could also adopt some Western cultures. I am sure it would be a lot of fun. 

Would you share how do you do this type of event?

Pictures were taken during the last year's Halloween celebration at the mall nearby.

Written by: Sharon Lopez


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