Don’t you wish to have a skin as clear and smooth as that of a baby?

Most women do but we know for the fact that as we age, our skin also does the same. Several factors such as hormonal changes, pollution, lack of sleep and stress can contribute to the fast ageing of our skin. Much as we wanted to prevent this from happening, it’s a sad thing that we couldn’t, so the least that we can do is to slow down the ageing process through proper hygiene and self care.

Modern technologies can offer great improvements but would also require a bigger amount. But it doesn’t mean that we have to spend a lot of money just to be beautiful and presentable. We can achieve the same look in a less expensive but equally effective manner.

For working mothers, it would be an added point if we could erase some impurities from our skin by putting on some make-up. Allow me to share with you my simple way of having flawless looking skin in a few simple steps.

I started noticing some brown spots which started to appear on my upper right cheek during my late thirty.  It started out as tiny spots and was less noticeable during that time. However, as the time passed, the spots grew bigger and more noticeable and cannot be hidden anymore by a simple face powder.

Although I don’t have problem with pimples or black heads, these brown spots made me conscious so I decided to take some simple actions in order to have a flawless and gorgeous look every day.  Allow me to share it with you.

Step 1.
Cleanse. Wash your face with the quality facial wash. For me I am using St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub. I love using this product as it freshens up my skin by deeply exfoliating thus revealing a smooth skin.  (Note: I would recommend washing your face before sleeping at night in order to remove the dirt accumulated by our face during the day. This could help our pores to breathe and relax.)

Step 2. 
 Moisturize. Use facial cream that is suited to your skin type. I personally use Ponds Age Miracle Cream or Ponds Age Defense Cream. Both products can help smoothen the skin and make it more vibrant.

Step 3.
Liquid Foundation.  I am using IN2IT Sheer Natural Gel Foundation and I love the outcome of this product.  Actually, I was using concealer under my eyes before but what I noticed was that my skin gets dry so I decided to stop.  When I started using IN21IT, I noticed that my skin glows which made me more confident.

Step 4.
Powder Up. I use Ever Bilena Advance Two-Way Cake Foundation (Oriental) for the final touch.   It gives the skin a more vibrant and shine-free finish look.  The powder foundation can last for long hours so I don’t need to worry about my look even if I am into a long meeting or into other activities within and outside the office.  

So much so, this is very convenient to bring because of the slim packaging which can fit even in small hand bag. The bigger mirror it has on the inside cover is also perfect for checking how you look and if you need a retouch. You wouldn’t feel embarrassed bringing it out because of the elegant design of the packaging which would make you feel more confident. Who would think you are using a low-priced cosmetic?

You can also apply some blush on certain occasions. I would usually go with a nude lipstick but you can have your own choice depending on your mood.

Be beautiful, be happy and be successful!


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