This was among the first sites that I discovered when I was just starting with my online journey.  I considered it as one of my favorites and even upgraded for a premium account in order for me to earn more. I was also able to encourage some of my friends and other people to join under me.

However, as I became familiar of the online system and because of the influx of new opportunities, I began exploring other ways of earning.  I discovered about other sites which made me realized that indeed online is a good avenue for earning. I learned about writing, completing tasks and surveys and the activity which I became so engrossed that made me forget almost all of my other sites, reviewing calls.  I stopped searching for new things opportunities for some time.

As the days passed, I spent less and less time with my PTC sites. I concentrated on reviewing calls and writing.  I gave up my other PTC sites and I visited Clixsense less and less often. Other sites had blocked me because of inactivity.

Just like any sites online, my call reviewing site encountered several problems which caused me to reconsider looking for other ways to earn.  The site implemented new rules which made the earning somewhat slow for me. Worst, the site encounter technical difficulties for some period of time so I wasn’t able to concentrate on working.

That was when I decided to visit my old favorite site, Clixsense.

While waiting for the reviewing site to fix their system, I tried completing tasks. This time, the tasks seem easier for me unlike when I first tried it before.  One reason for this is that I became more familiar with the terms they are using and my exposure to blogging made me more knowledgeable on the different kinds of sites online.

After sometime, I was surprised when I was notified that I am now on Level 1, shortly after Level and 3 appeared almost at the same time.  I never had an idea that this instance would be the start of a new experience for me.

Gaining a new level would mean opening for more tasks with bigger payments. I was overwhelmed and started working with new tasks. That was the time that I realized that completing the daily checklist bonus will be that easy.

So even if I am still reviewing calls, writing and doing other online earning activities, this time, I always see to it that I have time for Clixsense.  Watch out for more posts regarding the site.

Learn more about this site.  Visit Clixsense today.

Showing some of my latest payments:


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