Who wants to come with me?

This is an ordinary scenario as I travel back an forth my work place every day. A full pack jeepney with passengers on the roof and with several others who are clinging on both sides of the vehicle. 

Have you seen anything like this before? Well, this is one of the trademarks of the Philippines. Like any other developing countries, there are still places which need to be given attention when it comes to development concerns.

While we can see high rise buildings, latest models of cars in the streets of the big and well developed cities and almost all kinds of latest gadgets, we cannot deny the fact that there are still places around the world that can be called underdeveloped. 

My current area of jurisdiction in so far as my job is concerned is one of those places.
I am a full time government employee and I am currently assigned in an interior municipality of Pilar, Sorsogon. 

I need to travel for 3 or more hours going to and from my work place every day.  Something that made me sick during my first days but as the time had passed, I became accustomed to this everyday activity.

My place of work is actually my native place but since my family moved to the city for studying purposes, I seldom visited this place before.  I never expected that I will be assigned in my home town until I received an order before the election ban on 2013 local and national elections.  That was January of 2013.

With my short stay on this place, I learned to love it as well as the people I worked with everyday. I can say that my everyday experience is worth sharing and keeping. I learned a lot of things from the people of this wonderful place.

Although I know that I might not be staying here for long, the experiences, learning and above all the friendship that I developed with the community is something that I will treasure. 

Life is full of surprises and mysteries yet life is great.


Photo taken by the author.

Written by Sharon Lopez for Life Must Be Good


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