Having a beautiful, more manageable and eye catching hair is a dream of every woman. I believe that we were born with such a naturally gorgeous hair that glows but these new hair care products that we use everyday cause severe damage to our hair.

I have a natural hair which means not so straight but not curly. It would be okay in the morning but as the as the day progress, my hair would go messy and difficult to manage.

I used to have it straightened by a flat hair iron but I get tired of doing it since it was taking most of my time and had made an increased my electric bill. 

That was when I decided to go to a salon to have it straightened. They offered me two options, to have it relax or have it rebond.  Since I don’t have enough funds during that time, I chose to have it relax for the amount of Php 700 ($17).

It took them around two (2) and a half hours to complete the whole process.  One thing that is not allowed on a relaxed hair is to apply a permanent color on it. They instead applied a cellophane treatment with color.  But said color faded after several washes.

Another thing that I noticed after the treatment was the increased amount of hair which fell out every time I wash my hair. I started to worry about it so I decided not to undergo any hair treatment after that. My hair returned to the natural wavy look after some time. I need to twist and tie it up every time otherwise I could be mistaken as a person with hydrocephalus.   
Until I noticed that my hair has grown that long and heavy.  I was contemplating on whether to have is cut short or have it treated again. That was when the idea of hair rebond treatment came into my mind. Why don’t I try it?

I visited the salon and there I saw their Hair Milk Rebond treatment in the amount of P2,000 ($50). I was thinking that since it is more expensive, it would be better than hair relaxing.

The process started out by washing my hair. The hair specialist applied the cream softener or relaxant which was allowed to stay for almost half an hour before rinsing it off. My hair was blown to dry and was straightened by a hair iron. After ironing my hair, the specialist applied another chemical which I’ve known to be as a neutralizer.

After several minutes, my hair was rinse off with water and blown to dry. The hair color was then applied.  It took about half an hour before he had it washed and blown it dry.  The whole process took almost six hours to finish. The hair specialist told me not to wash my hair for three days and requested me to come back after three days for the final treatment.
I did come back after three (3) days and he gave me the final treatment for free. 

Now, I can wash my hair as usual. He also gave instruction as to the proper washing of hair. According to him, I should not use hair shampoo everyday and I have to use hair conditioning treatment to keep my hair beautiful and avoid damages.

Further Observation:
After several days of washing my hair, I noticed a big change.  I have less hair fall whenever I wash it. This is really one of the big differences when I had it relaxed.  I am convinced that hair rebond treatment  is a better choice if we are dreaming to attain a straighter and more beautiful hair.


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